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Backorder VIP

Backorder VIP is a special SK domain capture product, where you pay only if the desired domain is successfully captured.

It contains the same features as standard SK Domain Backorder, including instant e-mail monitoring.

How does it work?

  • VIP Backorder can be ordered only for domains that are certainly going to expire.
    That means SK domains in the DOM_DEL state.
  • During the order process, we will only lock service fee on your credit card.
    At this stage your money will not yet be transferred to us
  • In the event of a successful domain capture, you become the new owner of the domain. Subsequently, the locked amount on your credit card will be released and remitted to us.
  • In case of a failed domain capture, the blocked amount will be returned back to your credit card.


Service Price  
Backorder VIP 99 EUR
(118,80 with VAT)
or 0 EUR
(0,00 with VAT)

Backorder VIP price depends on success of the desired domain name registration. Backorder VIP is charged only if domain capture was successfull. If domain capture was not successfull, the full amount fee is automatically refunded back to your credit card.

Additional Services Price  
SK Domain Renewal (1 year) 16,60 EUR
(19,92 with VAT)
high volume discounts available
SK Domain Ownership Change Fee 0,00 EUR
(0,00 with VAT)
domain ownership change is free of charge
SK Domain DNS Servers Change 0,00 EUR
(0,00 with VAT)
anytime in our administration interface

Prices are listed excluding 20 percent Value Added Tax (VAT).